13+ Common Entrance and Scholarship Religious Studies

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My notes on this website are geared towards Common Entrance and scholarship R.S. exams. I hope that you will find them useful and interesting, and that they will be of help to you in your studies.

The revision questions throughout this site test not only knowledge but also understanding and interpretation; many require an awareness of wider ethical issues and current affairs.

Please feel free to get in touch via this page if I can help in any way (the contact methods found on other pages of this website are intended solely for my pupils)


My summaries of the Set Texts are available as free podcasts. To download them via iTunes, click here.

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This website is a means by which to make my resources available to others in the hope that they might find them to be of use. It is in no way connected to, or endorsed by, the Common Entrance exam board (the ISEB). Every effort has been made to ensure that these resources are accurate and thorough; however, no responsibility is assumed for any errors or omissions.

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