During your time in the Scholarship form, the following areas may be covered.

A booklet containing short notes on the starred topics below can be downloaded by visiting this page.  Click here to see the type of essay questions that may come up in a Scholarship exam.

All Common Entrance Set Texts

(See Old Testament Texts and New Testament Texts on the left hand side of this page)

King David

What sort of a ruler was David?  What did he achieve?  What did he do right?  What did he get wrong?  Overall, was he a good King, faithful to God, or not?

* How Do Christians Interpret the Bible?
Fundamentalist, Traditionalist, Conservative, Liberal, pros and cons.  If it needs to be interpreted, who should provide the interpretation?

* Moral Decisions
What are they?  Conscience and how it is formed. Sources of authority.  Fletcher - Situation Ethics.

* Abortion
Religious and non religious arguments for and against.  What is it?  A moral issue?  When can abortions take place?  Who decides?

* Euthanasia
Religious and non religious arguments for and against.  What is it?  A moral issue?  Where can it take place?  Why might people want to end their lives?  Who decides?

* Crime and Punishment
What sort of rules do we have?  Who makes them?  Do we need them?  Do we have a duty to follow them?  What are they based on?  Difference between crime and sin.  What is "just law"?  Types of punishments.  Purpose of punishment.

* The Welfare State
Religious and non religious arguments for and against.  What is its purpose?  What are the ideals?  Does it work?  Does it simply support those who "couldn't be bothered" to better themselves?

Christian Responsibilities
Is religion a force for good?  Religious fanaticism compared to charity and goodwill.  What is "living a Christian life"?  How does prayer enter into this?  Fair trade?  Charity?  How to get to heaven!...

Political Ethics
Do politicians have an ethical responsibility?  How must they make their decisions?  Outlines of the main political parties, and what they stand for.

* Who is God?
The Trinity - is it possible?  Three persons, the same but distinct, each individually God, making up one whole God...  How God reveals himself.  Loving?  Caring?

Medical Ethics
Transplant Surgery.  Genetic Engineering.  Cloning.  Religious and non religious arguments for and against.

* The Problem of Evil
What are the different types of evil?  Why do people suffer?  Explanations?  Free will?  Who is to blame?  Original sin.

* Religion and the Environment
Religious and non religious arguments for and against protecting the environment.  Stewardship.  Responsibilities.  Preservation not destruction?  Does it help you get to heaven?  Wind Power.

* War
Religious and non religious arguments for and against.  Types of war.  Motives for war.  What makes a "Just War"?

Animal Testing
Justifiable or not?  Religious and non religious arguments for and against.  Cruelty?  Is this outweighed if greater good then comes about?

* Major Charities

For example The Red Cross and Christian Aid.  What do they do?  Motives?

* "Modern Day Saint"
Research topic into someone who has made a difference thanks to their religious beliefs.  E.g. Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King.

Please note: with so many different scholarship papers being set every year it is impossible to write a detailed set of notes (or to compile a list of topics) that is applicable to all of them.
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