My summaries of the Set Texts are available as free podcasts.  Most of us are never far from our iPods, so being able to listen to these "on the move" might be a painless and straightforward means by which to do some effective revision.

In order to keep these podcasts short, and because over half the marks in the exam are available simply for factual knowledge, I have recorded only my summaries of the texts - and not my accompanying notes. If you would find it useful to have podcasts of any other notes from this site, or if you have any comments to make on these podcasts, please contact me.

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Technical note: These podcasts are recorded in MPEG-4 format (.m4a), as used by iTunes. I experimented with converting them to MP3s but found the resultant loss of quality to be particularly noticeable. If you are unable to play MPEG-4 files, or if you don't use iTunes, please get in touch and I will send you the podcasts in whatever format you require.