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I have collected below a selection of links to 13+ Common Entrance revision websites, apps and podcasts (see www.schoolentrytutor.co.uk for more). However, this is not an exhaustive list so please contact me if you would like any additional pointers.  I can offer more detailed advice on specific subjects, and I have compiled my own revision notes for some of them.

Please note that some of the links below are now out of date.  Please follow the link at the top of the page for a more up-to-date list.

13+ Common Entrance Revision Websites

English: Reading Matters and Grammar and Punctuation Exercises (some quite tricky!). Furthermore, there are some good notes here.

Maths: Mathletics (requires the purchase of an annual subscription) and some excellent revision notes here.

Science: Science4CEAlso, revision notes and a large number of multiple choice practice questions here (from Papplewick).

French: Languages Online (French), Target Language and BBC Bitesize (Foundation Tier).

Latin: Vir Drinks Beer, Cambridge Latin Course and Cyberlatin.

History: History on the Net and excellent notes on this page (from St Hugh's, Faringdon) and here (from Papplewick).

Geography: Excellent notes here (from Papplewick) and here (from St Hugh's, Faringdon).

Religious Studies: Common Entrance Religious Studies Revision.

In addition, the BBC website has a wealth of appropriately presented and useful information (and games) on a variety of topics; relevant links can be found here (Key Stage 3) and here (GCSE). Of course, these resources are geared around the National Curriculum and not Common Entrance, so you will have to pick and choose a little. Those preparing for a scholarship would be wise to pay a daily visit to the BBC News page; younger pupils may enjoy the Newsround page instead.


13+ Common Entrance Revision Apps and Podcasts

English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies: Gojimo revision app by EducationApps.  Individual subjects can be added freely within the app.  However, this works only on newer devices.  Older ones can use 13+ Common Entrance Revision also by EducationApps; this uses the same quizzes but they are available as in app purchases.

Latin: Pipiatum Level 1, Pipiatum Level 2 and Pipiatum Level 3. Quizlet is also very useful; search for "GilbertWatson" within the app and you will find a large selection of Latin revision quizzes.

Geography: Revise 13+ Geography by Galore Park. Revision Podcasts from Pembroke House School.

History: Revise 13+ History by Galore Park. Revision Podcasts from Pembroke House School.

Religious Studies: Revision Podcasts from www.ce-rs.com.


Apps and Websites to help with 11+ Pre-Test Preparation

English: 11+ Vocabulary Builder by Eleven Plus Exams and 11+ English Practice Papers by 11PlusApps.

Maths: 11+ Mathematics by Eleven Plus Exams.

Verbal Reasoning: 11+ Verbal Reasoning Methods and Techniques by 11PlusApps.

Non-Verbal Reasoning: 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning by Eleven Plus Exams.

Furthermore, Bofa has a range of interactive online resources to help pupils to prepare for 11+ English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning tests - in so far as it is possible to prepare for these. Traditional practice papers can be purchased and downloaded from Exam Papers Plus.

In addition, these Youtube videos help pupils to prepare for 11+ Maths and Verbal Reasoning tests.


A few other relevant sites include...

The Independent Schools Examinations Board is responsible for setting Common Entrance and Common Academic Scholarship papers.

Galore Park publishes Common Entrance text books.  They are also the official purveyors of Common Entrance past papers.

The Good Schools Guide contains a range of help and advice on almost every aspect of education.